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   HAIYA provid interactive solution to school
日期:2013-8-27        作者:Haiya       阅读:1048次

Shenzhen Silian Primary School, founded in 1993, the A grade school in Guangdong Province has established a good reputation as a leader in the planning and implementation of learning technologies. Mr.Hu, principal of Shenzhen Silian Primary School, reflects on the use of Haiya™ Interactive Whiteboard in his school.

Haiya™ Interactive Whiteboard is a key resource in our classroom rotations because it engages all of our students and motivates them to think, plan, choose and solve problems in the interactive activities.

Haiya™ is full of interactive activities, colour, clever characters, animations and sounds that captivate every student in our classrooms. This software program makes students think, guides them into problem solving and allows them to work with partners to enjoy the activities together.

The units are arranged in themes. This makes it so easy to blend the activities into focus areas in the early year’s classrooms.

When “free activity time” is available during wet days, all the kids go for Haiya because they love the activities and become absorbed through the interactive activities and there is always a new challenge.

There is a key role for ICT in the early Years and Haiya is one solution for us at Shenzhen Silian Primary School. As such, Haiya™ plays a key role in allowing young students to so easily gain independence in using the computer through the inbuilt computer skills.

Our teachers are impressed that Haiya™ has the backing from the respected education experts and teachers, and that confirms its value as a ‘must have’ in Language and Maths programs.” The inbuilt tests that report on the skills and concepts taught within Haiya™ Interactive Whiteboard. Students and teachers are able to view their progress and print out certificates of achievement.

The program’s focus is on skills and reinforces those skills in a real life, fantasy and fun way.

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