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  After Service

Haiya since its inception, has been focusing on service and support construction, set up a professional customer service,technical support and training team, through the 400-823-8008unified national customer service hotline, unified training supportand technical services to customers to provide uninterrupted,ensure service quality be consistent from beginning to end..

Haiya service details:

        1 guarantees for 3 years warranty for the product, in the warranty period, we will strictly abide by the relevant laws, regulations of the people's Republic of China "Three Guarantees" and other quality after sale service for the product;

        2 Haiya fiat "three pack", will also promise to provide the followingstandard service for you:

           · product consulting, multimedia teaching system integration technology inquiry.

           · Product and service complaints;

           · Product fault;

           · field service;

           · technical training.

        3 service response time

           Haiya customer service staff will provide the products sold 7X24hour telephone support;

        4 field service

           If the product fails, need door-to-door service, I Division willrespond within 24 hours, within 3 working days after receiving the notice to the site service or product repair, completely ruled outuntil the fault, fully returned to normal use.

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