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1. Why my wrtings can not shown on the whiteboard?
(1) Please try to select the pen with color different from the background.
(2) Please remove the other article away than the hand from the screen when in writing.
(3) Please run software EASY BOARD.

2. Why the icon displayed in the Windows Notification Area at the right corner of the screen bottom?
(1) Please confirm the whiteboard and computer as well as other components is connected properly.
(2) Please confirm whether the driver is installed already.
(3) Abnormal situation during installation, please start the computer for re-installation.
(4) USB ports connecting between the whiteboard and computer are improper.
(5) Please install writing software and application to display the icon in the taskbar at the right corner of the screen bottom.

3. Is it necessary to re-calibrate the interactive whiteboard after interactive software is re-installed?
Not necessary. all paramters seted up last time has been memorized.

4. Is it possible that contents covered by window of index page were re-writen?
In this case, these contents will be as same as before and are just covered temporarily.

5. How do I know the status of the interactive whiteboard?
While you are writing on the board, a bule LED light is on that interactive whiteboard works properly

6. Why the presetted color can not be shown properly sometimes?
When the background picture is not transparent with a higher resolutions than that of screen, the background color will be covered.

7. Why the images on the interactive whiteboard are projected trapezoidally? How to calibrate?
(1) When projector is not positioned even or level, imagaes projected on the interactive whiteboard will be trapeziform
(2) Generally, you can calibarate your projector by remote control or adjust its position. pls refer to the manual followed your projector

8. What kind of projector is required for a interactive whiteboard?
Any projector can meet the following three standards will be suitable for a interactive whiteboard
(1) Front Projection Projector
(2) It can support computer's resolution
(3) At least 500 lumens, but it depends on your room space

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