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Financial&Business Solutions

Haiya interactive whiteboard can be used in conference discussion, business training and advertisement announcement or the display and demonstration of products and resolutions. It facilitate group interaction during virtual meetings and they enable meeting participants to share applications, display brainstorm images and record the meeting notes, The attendees can concentrate themselves in the discussion and freely express their idea, which will improve the practical effect of the meeting. The automatic recorded documents will form the standard files and be delivered after the meeting, thus to avoid misunderstanding and improve the effectiveness of business discussion and products demonstration ,the government's handling official affairs, product demonstration and so on.

The interactive whiteboard also can be used as an assistant in the financial area, savings bank in urban and rural areas all over the country, it enables the information to be sent accurately, timely, flexibly by internet; more important this interactive capture device becomes operational when the capture bar is attached to the whiteboard shortcut menu, the software is loaded, and the device is connected to the host computer. Remote users can use this interactive solution over their company's intranet or over the web using a third party screen sharing application.

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