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21st Century is an informationization society, so the modernization and informationization of education is a tendency. Haiya Interactive Whiteboard is prepared for the education institution to comply with this tendency.


Improve the efficiency and quality of teaching.
Adopting Haiya Interactive Whiteboard the teachers can import the prepared courseware from PC and don’t need to be so tired by writing tedious details, so they can save more time and pay more attention to the teaching. Meanwhile because of the video function of our software, every student can get a video copy of the teaching process, they can pay more attention to understanding and they can review easily.

Environmental and safe.
Adopting Haiya Interactive Whiteboard the teachers can write with our digital pen, so as to avoid the pollution of chalks. For the dangers experiment, the teachers can demonstrate by playing video or flash, so as to avoid the potential dangers to the students.

Keep students attention and improve the understanding of students.
Adopting Haiya Interactive Whiteboard’s software the teacher can keep and attract students attention by using the functions of mart pen, spotlight, curtain, camera, magnifier glass? and the teachers can import illustration, picture, audio and video from resource gallery. All these can keep the students?attention and help them get a better understanding.

Enhance the interactivity between the students and teachers.
Adopting Haiya Interactive Whiteboard will help teacher-student and student-student, and long-distance network interactive learning.

Haiya is committed to providing the most reliable, high quality and cost effective solutions for the schools around the world.

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